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Local Business Marketing

5 Myths About Local Search

Don’t let these common myths about local search prevent you from getting your business online. There are a lot of local people trying to find you, so get out there.

Myth 1: My customers aren’t online / No one is looking for me online
92% of adults use the Internet. That means almost every person you know uses Google, Facebook, and other sites on the web. 54% of consumers research online before they buy. They want to know what they are buying and are able to get the best deal with the most knowledgeable business. Especially with smart phones and tablets helping people on-the-go, consumers are looking for you even if you aren’t aware of it.

Myth 2: My business isn’t interesting or exciting
Says who? Even if you specialize in underwater basket weaving someone will want to learn about you. If your business is something people use everyday, they still want to see that you know about your industry. That can mean you show personal images of your products, engage them on social media, and explain your services on your website.

Myth 3: It needs to be flashy
Absolutely not. “Flashy” usually means there are lots of moving images and limited text. Without getting technical, content is what search engines are looking for. They want to know you talk about things a contractor, baker, mechanic, or boutique would talk about. As long as your website is clean, focused, and easy to navigate, there is not a necessity for it to be flashy.

Myth 4: I’ll be overwhelmed
This isn’t really a myth but more how you think you may feel. Finding a company that can help you through this process and guide you along the way can help relieve any stress or anxiety you may feel.

Myth 5: It’s too expensive
It can be; but what are you really paying for? Since you just learned a website doesn’t have to be flashy, there are lots of affordable ways to be where your customers are looking. We understand that small businesses don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on advertising. Contact us if you’re interested in leaning more about the world of local search and how it can benefit your business.